Friday, February 10, 2012

Intro to the house!

My husband and I have just bought a home in an adorable town.  It's a 2 story Colonial Revival - built in the 70's.  It lacks a few of the charming details of a true colonial revival, but we're gonna work on that. :)  The interior also lacks a bit of modern panache.  Mr. S and I are working on the interior first.  Here's the before photos so you all can see where I'm coming from and where the design/decorating/diy direction is headed!

 The very plain exterior -- needs landscaping, portico/shelter over the door, maybe a larger stoop?  We're gonna get to that one of these days :)
 The very dark living room.  Although it's hard to tell in these photos, there is very little natural light in this room.  One standard window and one set of french doors are the only natural light.

The half bathroom.  We actually love this. Haha.

The large kitchen was a big selling point for us.  It just needs a little....spice. :)

Can't wait to make this a sunny, happy place for me to do laundry!
Here's the intro to the home of Mr. & Mrs. "S"!!  Of course, this is only a portion of the house.  The bedrooms and craft room will get their own post as they become the amazing spaces we need them to be.  I'm excited to share this experience with all of you!

So, what was YOUR first project on your home?

Please note that the pictures labeled "TMLS" are from  They were part of the sales posting for our home.  The others are photos I took with my point and shoot camera!

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