Monday, January 30, 2012

My Inaugural Post!

Welcome to Nail{GUN}Polish!  A blog where being feminine and artistic doesn’t mean you have to sew pillows or paint vases (although, we’ll do some of that too)!!  I am a 20-something who loves power tools, flowers, and the color purple!  Get ready to embark with me on the adventure of turning my first house into my first home.  With my trusty side-kick, Mr. S, and our side-kick, Little S, we’ll be taking on the DIY world!
Intros!  I am Gray – aka “Mrs S.”  I am a recent East Carolina University, College of Human Ecology, Department of Interior Design Graduate.  I am VERY proud of my college degree.  I did a lot of really hard work to become a designer and I love it!  Interior design is about how people interact with their environment – the physical and emotional responses and navigation of the world around them.  This interrelationship has created a passion in me for interiors spaces, outdoor spaces, architecture, and gardening.  We’ll see how brave I can be taking on projects in each of these areas!
So let’s have some fun!! I have taken on some pretty hefty DIY projects and some that should be pretty simple, so we’ll see!!  I look forward to sharing experiences with everyone!

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