Saturday, August 18, 2012

{Mad} Tea Party

We all know how popular tea parties have been lately and with all the different ways you can have a tea party, why shouldn't they be?  Great for lots of ages and easy-going, tea parties are good for large gatherings of various ages.  This Mad Tea Party was put on by my mom and I for my sister's 30th birthday!  We gathered inspiration from around the internet, utilized some obvious standbys, and used a few of our own ideas to make it really fun.  Kids and grown-ups alike had a blast.  Check out these photos of our party and good luck with your own mad tea party!

To be updated with more decor pics, but these are what were on my cell phone! :)  Are you an elaborate birthday DIYer?

Cute {kids} Apron

The fam went to Hobby Lobby today and I found aisle after aisle of Christmas decor!  Christmas, already? Wow, it's going to be fall soon for sure! {Yay!}  So in honor of the seasons getting nearer, I need to start thinking about crafting up some awesome gifts! :)  Here is a cute apron I made for my niece last year!

Enjoy the pics!

I hung it on the tree so I could see it in it's complete-ness!

Here you can see the edging and how I double stitched it, unfortunately,
I didn't measure well, and had to add fabric to the end to make the corner match up!
Oops! Lesson Learned!

My instagram showing off the super cute "oven mitt" I made to go with it.
I told my sister not to actually let my niece use this as I wasn't sure the quilt batting
would really protect her hands from the heat! But they look adorable when
she's in her play kitchen! :)

So, all in all, I used 1 yard of fabric (1/2 of each print) and one package of double fold bias tape.  I used an old apron of mine for the pattern and did a bit of guess work on the ruffle at the bottom.  Also, guessed a bit at cutting the size down to "kid size."  All in all, this was a simple project and I got to learn to use bias tape! :)

Ever make anything on a whim?  Share your experience in the comments below!