Thursday, March 29, 2012

Game Day Birthday Bash

So, as promised, I'm back to give you a little insight on planning a perfect {Board Game} themed party!!  There was actually a LOT of crafting and work involved, but there are certainly short cuts you could take.

After scouring the internet for {Game} party themes and coming up only with Casino Night and Family Game night party ideas, I realized I was going to have to be flexible.  Why can't family game night work for a game night birthday party?  IT CAN!  The challenging part about a theme party like this, {read: BEWARE} you have to keep your "theme" focused.  In my case, I wanted guests to feel that there would be all kinds of board games and card games they could play, but I didn't want the party to seem thrown together.  I know you're thinking "Doesn't the theme of 'games' tie it all together"  but, sadly, no.  The ideas began to pile up, but too many varying game theme ideas would have made the decor look a little schizophrenic, while focusing on one game could take it from "Game" themed to "Monopoly" themed.  Also, I wanted a party that was a little grown up - after all Mr S was turning 30!  So the recap?
  • Grown Up, Stylish Soiree
  • Multi-game themed
  • Cohesive decor
  • Budget minded
Doesn't sound like too tall of an order for this designer, but I had to find the thread to tie it together...COLOR. Wait!  I thought it was GAME themed?  Yes, that's true, but what do all classic board games have in common?  The primary colors {and usually dice}!!  So, I decided to utilize these colors {and some actual game pieces} to decorate cohesively in my home for a stylish and game themed party.

Now, as my camera is still on the fritz and I'm going TODAY to get an adapter for my memory stick...I'm sending you over to Pinterest to see what inspired me and to a few other blogs with AMAZING party ideas!  The perfect site for perfectly adorable party ideas.  {They're parties are glam, but alas, I couldn't find a "board game" theme anywhere!}  They update their site all the time with new and amazing ideas!  My pinterest site for party ideas {see links under the pictures for sources}

Woot - I've finally gotten the pictures up!  Check out the food recap here and the decor recap here!  Tutorials to come soon.  Thanks for visiting.

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